Anatoliy Platonov
Warsaw University of Technology, Professor, DSc, PhD

Title : Perfect narrowband low power communication systems transmitting
signals without coding: theory and design


The bitrate and bit error rate, as well power and spectral efficiency are most important and
commonly used performance parameters for communication systems. Currently, many
research note exhausting possibilities of information theory to improve these parameters. The
talk develops results of unfinished research in optimal feedback communication systems
(FCS) carried out in 1950-1970s in Stanford, MIT, Bell Lab, NASA and other sc. centers.
These researches unambiguously showed possibility to design the “perfect” FCS transmitting
signals without coding in real time, reliably and with a bitrate equal to the capacity of the
systems. However, results of these and later research were never implemented.
The talk explains the reasons that blocked the implementation of FCS and shows the way of
their removal. The latter one permitted to join analytical tools of information theory and
optimal Bayesian estimation, and enabled derivation of optimal transmission – reception
algorithms determining the way of the perfect FCS design. Moreover, conjunction of two
theories allowed the formulation of clear and measurable criterions of FCS performance. A
particular feature of these criterions is their values can be evaluated, in real time, in the
receiving station and used for adjusting the system to conditions of application. The results of
research, including attaining the Shannon’s boundaries, are confirmed in experiments with
hardware prototype of perfect FCS. There are also discussed unachievable, for other systems,
particularities of FCS functioning.


Anatoliy Platonov received the MSc and PhD degrees (in radio-physics) in Moscow State
University (MGU), next years he was with Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics
(MIEM), Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Chair of Cybernetics. Since 1988 he is with
Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics and Information Techniques, where
he received the DSc degree, and currently is the Professor in Electronics, Information Theory
and Signal Processing. He was the Head or Principal Researcher of more twenty Ministry and
University grants, has awards. He is IEEE Senior Member; Expert of the Section of
Committee of Electronics and Telecommunications of Polish Academy of Sciences; Scientific
Expert of Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR), was member of
Organizing and Program Committees of International and National Conferences. His research
interests: information theory, Bayesian optimisation of feedback communication systems,
adaptive estimation, measurement and control systems, adaptive A/D converters, as well
application of the results. In last decades, he is engaged in development of Bayesian
information theory for perfect feedback communication systems transmitting signals without
coding (about 50 publications including IEEE Comm. Letters, Trans. on SP, Trans on I&M).
He is the author of monograph, author and co-author of more 200 scientific publications
including materials of several World Congresses of IMEKO.

Subodh Gajare

Senior Architect, Cisco R&D Centre, Bangalore

Subodh has over 25 years experience in IT industry. Core activities involve: Platform Development,  testing, validation, designing, operations and developing solutions across technologies. Currently he is a Solution Architect for Cisco – Design and implement solutions for Service provider and Enterprise customers – based on SDN/NFV, IoT, Mobility (3G to 5G transformation), Security, Virtualization, Cloud, designing s/w Orchestration platforms for end-2-end management of networks. Subodh is a Technical Leader for incubating IoT industry solutions – in Digital Manufacturing, Smart Cities, Health care, Education , Energy and Transportation. He works as advisor for grooming future Technical leaders/Architects in Cisco. He represents Cisco Networkers (now called Cisco Live) in Asia and US for past 14 years. Cisco Live is an industry event showcasing Cisco Innovative Solutions and architectures in an immersive learning model. He speaks at Cisco Technical leadership Forum globally – in Americas, Europe & Asia Pacific, Panel speaker for Digitization and IoT summits – India and US. Subodh is highly engaged with academia worldwide.